C o l l a b o r a t i v e  W o r k s h o p

28 - 31 March 2012 - Institute of Physics - Zagreb, Croatia

Photo Gallery

Session I - Opening-Intro statements

Welcome - L. Forró, collaborative coordinator

Welcome – P. Pervan, director

I. Božović – invited participant

V. Radmilović – invited participant

Lecture - A. Bilušić, collaborator

E. Tutiš, collaborator

Sessions I – Intro statements

Lecture -T. Fehér, invited participant

D. Sunko, collaborator

Lecture - L . Forró

Z. Radović- invited participant

Participants in the lecture hall

Session II – Round table discussions

D. Mihailović – invited participant

V. Kabanov –invited participant & E. Tutiš

J. C. Pouget – invited participant

N. Barišić- invited participant

Participants in the lecture hall

H. Buljan – invited speaker

R. Beyer – invited participant

J. R. Cooper – invited participant

P. Prelovšek – invited participant


E. Tutiš - discussions

Dinner with disussions

R. Beyer, V. Radmilović & I. Živković

D. Mihailović & E. Tutiš

H. Buljan & P. Prelovšek

N. Barišić & D. Mihailović

T. Fehér & O. Barišić

M. Požek, J. C. Pouget, E.Tutiš......

Sessions III– On convergence

D. Mihailović

Z. Radović, E. Tutiš & A. Smontara

A. Bilušić - calls for collaborations

T. Fehér & R. Beyer

Round table discussions

Lunch time

J. C. Pouget – debater

P. Prelovšek - debater

T. Fehér - debater

A. Bilušić & A. Smontara

M. Grbić, M. Bosiočić & T. Cvitanović

R. Beyer, A. Dulčić & M. Požek

Session IV – Short summary

E. Tutiš

H. Buljan & D. Sunko & E. Tutiš

A. Bianconi

S. Artemenko & D. Sunko


E. Tutiš - conclusions

Institute of Physics, Zagreb, 2012.