C o l l a b o r a t i v e  W o r k s h o p

28 - 31 March 2012 - Institute of Physics - Zagreb, Croatia


The scope of the collaborative workshop is to gather people with background in physics of low-dimensional materials in order to push forward promising research topics that would eventually result in joint grant applications. Paradigm that pushed the idea of the workshop is to unify expertise and know-how of both theoreticians and experimentalists in different fields (transport, ESR, neutron scattering, NMR,...), strengthened with sample-production experts and links. The format of the meeting makes a mix of short presentations of participating laboratories, groups and research, and round-table discussions focused on selected topics. The topics themselves are loosely defined, but we would target the following: the physics in various homogenous low-dimensional/layered crystalline materials, spontaneous nano-structuring in otherwise homogenous systems, and artificial nano-patterned materials.

Workshop is beeing held just after the Conference on

Physics of Low-Dimensional
      Problems and Perspectives


It is also related to UKF(1B) Crossing Borders Grant through the Program

New electronic states driven by frustration
in layered materials


Institute of Physics
Zagreb, Croatia

Faculty of Science
University of Zagreb


Faculty of Science
University of Split

Institute of Physics, Zagreb, 2012.